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Top 5 Best Museums in London

There are plenty of awesome museums to visit in London! The city is rich in history and has amazing sites! They have free museums, paid, strange museums, and some specializing in weird areas. Overall there are more than 170 museums in London but we’re only going to focus on 10. So lets get to it!

1. British Museum

British Museum

Home to some of the most amazing discoveries made by British explorers! It also became the first ever national museum to open in 1759!

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2. Science Museum

Science Museum in London

This museum is very hands on with science and has seven floors of educational exhibits. This is a must visit for any science enthusiast.

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3. V & A Museum

V&A Museum London

An amazing collection of decorative art, design, and textiles! Looking to drool over fantastic designs? Come here!

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4. Imperial War Museum

Imperial War Museum London

A museum focusing on the conflict from the First World War to today. The collections here are impressive and incredibly powerful to experience

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5. National History Museum

National History Museum London

A wonderful collection of around 80 million animal, plant, fossil, and rock specimens. Expect to spend an entire day here!

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