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Top 3 Sci-Fi Books To Read This Fall

Who doesn’t like to have a nice book to delve into during the evenings? This short list is for the Sci-Fi enthusiasts and I have personally read all of these and recommend them!


#1 Artemis by Andy Weir

Andy Weir came out of nowhere with his awesome novel, "The Martian". Since it's release, Weir put out Artemis! A wonderful read set on the moon with his similar comedic and thrilling writing style.

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    #2 Ender’s Game by Orson Card

    Most people are probably well aware of the movie, but going back to the martian as an example, the book is different than the movie. It's always nice to see the things they missed that made the book so great.


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      #3 The God’s Themselves by Isaac Asimov

      Any list of the best sci-fi books isn't complete without a work by Asimov. Best known for iRobot and The Foundation Series, Asimov is an award winning author with loads a great works. The God's Themselves is slightly less known than many of his novels, but still amazing!


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